Saturday, April 7, 2012

"it's raining" - fernando pessoa

"It's raining.  There is silence since the rain itself"
by Fernando Pessoa (tr. Edwin Honig and Susan M Brown)

It's raining.  There is silence since the rain itself
Allows no sound but peacefulness.
It's raining.  The sky's asleep.  When the soul's been
For what it cannot tell, feeling's blind.
It's raining.  My self (who I am) I take leave of . . .

The rain is so peaceful it loosens itself in the air
(Not even seemingly cloudy) so that it seems
It's not rain but a whispering
Which in its whispering forgets itself.
It's raining.  Nothing to long for . . .

There's no wind hovering.  There's no sky I feel.
It's raining far away and imperceptibly,
Like something true that lies to us,
Like some overwhelming wish deceiving us.
It's raining.  Nothing in me feels . . .

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