Saturday, August 13, 2011

'why am I thinking...' - sam shepard

'Why am i thinking...'
by Sam Shephard

Why am I thinking
"This guy is totally crazy"
Sitting in a country cafe
Dressed in a black velvet three-piece suit
Smelling like a 14th Street Pimp
Horizontally twitching brown eyes
With no pupil to speak of

Why am I thinking
"This guy is a maniac"
When he asks if it's ever snowed in San Francisco
If Herb Alpert plays classical music

Why am I thinking
"This man is nuts"
When he tells me he's a man of many talents
But he doesn't have time to develop any one of them

Why am I thinking
"This guy is bananas"
When he picks up the cream pitcher
And calls it a "Cute Cow"

I know why it is
It's because he's not concealing
His desperate estrangement from people

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