Friday, May 27, 2011

12 (from a coney island of the mind) - lawrence ferlinghetti

12 (from A Coney Island Of The Mind)
by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
'One of those paintings that would not die'
         its warring image
                                           once conceived
              would not leave
                                              the leaded ground
no matter how many times
                                                        he hounded it
                                                                                    into oblivion
Painting over it did no good
                   It kept on coming through
                                                                         the wood and canvas
    and as it came it cried at him
                                                               a terrible bedtime song
         wherein each bed a grave
                                                              mined with unearthly alarmclocks
                             hollered horribly
                                                                for lovers and sleepers   

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